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Papaya Seed notes

If not used immediately, papaya seed should be stored in an airtight container in a place of low constant temperature. The crisper section of a domestic fridge is ideal. Do not store at under 4oC, i.e. do not freeze.


The main factors that adversely affect long-term storage of seed are fluctuating temperatures, exposure to humidity (i.e. the open air) and time. Six months is probably the maximum one should keep seed for.


Seed should be sown in clean containers using a clean potting mix that does not contain earth or other non-sterile ingredients. The potting containers should be kept off the ground. The seed may be sowed either in the open or under shelter; however, it is important to move the young seedlings into full light as soon as possible to avoid elongation of the plants. It may be necessary to apply  fungicide to the seedlings to avoid damping off diseases. If required, our nursery can pot up seedlings for you at a reasonable cost.


Seedlings should be transplanted into the field when their roots have filled their potting containers and their rootballs stay together when unpotted.


When ordering seed, some allowance should be made for the fact that you rarely get 100% germination of papaya seed. We only send out seed that has passed its germination test with 75% or more.


I would appreciate feedback on the performance of these seeds, particularly in the case of problems. Contact me on 0456 368245 or email


                                                  Happy growing,

                                                                      Phil Slocombe