Papaya Seeds Australia

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Variety characteristics

The following table gives some of characteristics of our available varieties. These should be taken as a guide only, as they will vary under different growing conditions and climates. Seeds of most varieties are available all year round. With the exception of Solo, they are all F1 hybrid varieties.

Variety Flesh colour Sex type Sweetness Yield/Yr Fruit size Flavour Appearance
kg/tree gms.
H1B yellow dioecious 8-10% brix 70 1000-2500 nasturtium clean-skinned
H13 yellow dioecious 8-13% brix 100 900-1500 mildly nasturtium clean-skinned
RB1 pink/red bisexual 11-14% brix 75 800-2500 musk clean-skinned
RB2 pink/red bisexual 9-11% brix 75 1000-2500 musk clean-skinned
RB4 pink/red bisexual 10-13% brix 70 800-1800 musk clean-skinned
Solo pink/red bisexual 12-14% brix 75 300-630 musk prone to spots
RD4 pink/red dioecious 11-13% brix 70 1500-2500 musk clean-skinned